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This site is all about our family farm, which we run just West of 
Jay, OK. So far we raise two different breeds of goats; Myotonic Fainters and Nubian Dairy goats, we have the fresh eggs now so give us a hollar.
We are members of both the:
                  Myotonic Goat Registry
                  American Dairy Goat Association
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Promoting the Breed
Healthy Living
Finding Healthier Alternatives
We believe in expanding peoples' understanding of the breeds we raise, in hopes of sparking interest in those who are unfamiliar about what we do, but also to help those who feel they need to know more.

Dan's Wild Bunch

Go With Goats!
We believe in a more "back to nature" way of life and try to be more self-suffient with what we can produce from our home, rather than solely relying on the overly processed foods sold from stores. We are finding a whole new way of life with baking - fresh bread & rolls - Whole Wheat Style.
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We have been having a very wet winter this year which makes the fight with internal parasites more difficult, such is the life of a goat herder.
See you soon!

PS: Our first babies are due around last of April - 2016.